I think I can truthfully say this blog is dead. I lost all drive to post all of your confessions when they all were around one thing or even from one person. I will not be deleting the blog in case I do get the drive to come back to this. 

So if and till then,

Mod B 


I thought I would hop on this blog quick. I do have confessions to make, I have just not been feeling 100 percent as of late. I will get on the confessions as soon as I can. 

~Mod B 

Oh, thank you! I know I don’t keep up on this blog as much as I should. I love knowing that people do like this blog, that is one of the big reasons I have tried to keep it going. 
~ Mod B

Just a little note, I turned off Anonymous asks. Please submit your confessions. It does make it a little easier for me in the set up I have going. Make sure you say if you want it to be anon or not. 

When I first came to this fandom,I had a character I regret ever god-modding.I’ve seen a great change in my RPing since I made a new blog.It’s hard making a character from California,with all different endings.It took me a long time of playing the first fallout games,and studying New Reno and the rest of California in my spare time during the “prototype” Machine,and after having the prototype Machine bust. I am very glad I made this strange,hurt character who has to learn more about Vegas and it’s surroundings.Over this veteran soldier who made no sense,and seemed to know EVERYTHING about everything. I’m very thankful that the some,if not most,of the fandom accept Machine in.I don’t get on much anymore,but I got to say,Thank you all that helped me improve Machine.
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I am not gonna be able to make up the confessions right now for all you lovely people~ I just want you all to make sure that if you submit something, make sure if you want it to be anonymous or not. I need to know. Put it in the post you send me. 

I do not judge.

I post with out prejudice. 

Would just like to remind you that if you want it anon tell me, or even make sure that you log out of your account when you submit. 

~ Mod B

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